Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs Podcast

Ep.60 Motion is Lotion (Kyle Marchand-Orthopedic Physical Therapist)

February 21, 2023 Kyle Marchand
Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs Podcast
Ep.60 Motion is Lotion (Kyle Marchand-Orthopedic Physical Therapist)
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  • Tradwife #tradwife
  • Male and Female roles
  • Weird True Facts-Weird body facts
  • Your Future Life in 10 years-Our projections


Kyle Marchand is an orthopedic physical therapist, graduating  with his Doctor of Physical Therapy from University of St. Augustine Health Science Center in 2016. Kyle specializes in Postural Restoration trained therapeutic exercise integration and classical manual therapy techniques including a certification in Therapeutic Dry Needling through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. He has a passion for treating spinal scoliosis and educating the client on the body's natural postural adaptations and asymmetrical patterns of movement. In these efforts to balance the system, we not only begin to feel better with ordinary everyday activities, but also propel ourselves towards achieving peak athletic performance.

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