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Ep.89 Change "Stems" From You (Jennifer Ziegler-STEM cell advocate who has had multiple stem cell treatments) R

September 05, 2023 Jennifer Ziegler
Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs Podcast
Ep.89 Change "Stems" From You (Jennifer Ziegler-STEM cell advocate who has had multiple stem cell treatments) R
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Jennifer Ziegler is a founder of Patients for Stem Cells, an advocacy group that is pushing for increased access to therapies in the US. Texas has been a hub for stem cell therapy since then-Gov. Rick Perry was treated for back pain in 2011 and hailed his results.The clinic where Perry was treated, Celltex in Houston, was taking patients’ stem cells and multiplying them in a lab before re-injecting them — a process the FDA said was not allowed. The FDA ordered Celltex to stop making stem cell products, and the company moved its consumer business to Mexico.
Ziegler, who was also a Celltex patient, says that forcing the operations out of the country is an overreaction, and that FDA unfairly limits patients’ rights to make decisions about their health.
Ziegler has MS. The drugs to treat it had intolerable side effects for her. so she sought stem cell therapy. After Celltex shut down its Texas clinic, she traveled to the Stem Cell Institute in Panama.
Ziegler said. “It’s horrible that it’s not allowed in our country and it’s not covered under insurance. We’d like stem cells to be available to anyone who needs it.”
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill that grants patients with severe chronic or terminal illnesses increased access to therapies using adult stem cells that are not yet federally approved. Ziegler’s
group pushed for that legislation and intends to champion similar laws in other states.

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