Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs Podcast

Ep.98 I Do My Own Stunts (Hollywood Stuntman Stephen Hart)

November 07, 2023 Steve Hart
Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs Podcast
Ep.98 I Do My Own Stunts (Hollywood Stuntman Stephen Hart)
Show Notes


  • Buh-Bye Taco Ranch!
  • Garbo's Coming to DS
  • Zilker Christmas Tree Lighting (Yes, Christmas Tree!)
  • I-35 Expansion Uproots Many Small Businesses
  • Surprise! FED Announces Possibly Ending Rate Hikes
  • DS is a Film Friendly Certified Community
  • Croc's Cowboy Boots (Yes those Crocs)

Steve Hart is a 39 year veteran of the film and TV industry as a Producer/Director/writer/stunt coordinator and stuntman. He is Executive Producer at Stunt Tales and has a spotless safety record. He is know in Hollywood for being Innovative, imaginative, articulate, and team-oriented. We talk about all the films he has worked on and his favorite stars he met along the way.  He has worked on hundreds of projects including Hook, Tango and Cash and was stunt coordinator for RENO 911 for 7 years. 

Steve Mallett and Michelle Lewis  meet the most interesting people, and discover the places and events that make Dripping Springs, Texas, a Hill Country oasis. Learn why every year, hundreds of people move to this small town just outside of Austin. Every episode features a local resident who's talent and past will make you want to know more about what draws so many unique people to this historical town. From ranchers to engineers, cowboys to entrepreneurs, bankers to bull riders. Join us every week for a new episode, where curiosity meets cutting-edge storytelling, and be inspired by the fascinating tales that make Dripping Springs, Texas, a beacon for the bold and the adventurous..

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