Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs Podcast

Ep.107 Silence Is Not The Answer (David James of The Peyton Heart Project- Peyton James' Father)

January 16, 2024 David James
Mallett and Michelle on Dripping Springs Podcast
Ep.107 Silence Is Not The Answer (David James of The Peyton Heart Project- Peyton James' Father)
Show Notes


  • Sleep Hacks
  • Psychos Sleep with Socks On
  • Hill Country Rivals Greece and Greenland as Destination
  • Slice Street Pizza Opens
  • Austin All Abilities Park
  • 1 Million Visitors to Central Texas for Eclipse
  • Weather Observers at ATX Have No Phones or Internet??


David James, who tragically lost his son Peyton to suicide in 2014, is combating the surge in youth suicide attempts during the pandemic through the Peyton Heart Project. Placing threaded hearts with uplifting messages in public spaces globally, James aims to initiate crucial conversations about mental health. The pandemic has seen a 22.3% increase in suicide attempts among 12-17-year-olds, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. James, having experienced the isolating impact on youth firsthand, emphasizes the need for open dialogue. The hearts, like one reading "No act of kindness is ever wasted," serve as beacons of hope. James' mission is clear: "Talk to them. Talk to your kids." Through the Peyton Heart Project, he seeks to prevent other families from enduring similar pain, one threaded heart at a time.

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